Thursday, February 10

CaT skin Coming soon! AT JeSyLiLO!!!

CaT skin Coming soon!

Plz Give me your Comments
about the skin if you like it ^^!

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Kya said...

Wow, beautiful! I was a long time Neko.... I think this is a beautiful skin for a Neko and I am wondering if I did not again become a Neko with such a beautiful skin.
lol, sorry my English is bad, I hope you understand.

Anonymous said...

coming from a RP background, I roleplay as a neko and personally I've never wanted to wear any other neko skin because well, there were not any realistically cute neko/human skin. This skin is more then awesome and I would totally wear it proudly in my roleplay world. Its stunning and just awesome and I'm excited to see it on the grid!

Silvi Karu said...

soo soo great job ur skin are awesome <3

LiLO Glom said...

thanks all i will do my best for u all :**

Azull said...

jesi I simple love necko skins. they are always sweet and have a thing that make me curious to use them even if im not a neko,i will love to see more teeth on them like a bunny wabbit.. perhaps pink nose with some shadows around like the bunnies have some weird shadow outlined outside the nose.

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